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It's all over the internet. People (and I use that word loosely) seem to be butchering words right and left, up and down and all over the Gaul durn place. Spitting out idiocratic gibberish that makes your eyes water, your brain hurt and your mouth hang open like a teenager looking at Mickey D's menu. It just irritates the snot right out of me.

The picture that comes to mind is that of the afore mentioned "slack jawed" teen who has to read the whole menu (up on the board, way up there) as if they expect to find lobster, shrimp alfredo or rib eye steak to suddenly appear. What the devil are they looking for up there? There are cardboard burgers, cardboard burgers with extra cardboard and skinny fries. Cola in several colors and deep fat fried "chunks" and desert. It does not change and it does not get any better, ever. Oh, and brown salad. Yeck.
Holy Crapola Batman. Erase that picture. Let's start over.

Why would anyone in their right mind want to turn words into moronic letters with no real meaning? It does not take any time at all to find a blog, a web site, a network or a supposedly professional internet guru of some kind or other who seemingly has forgotten half the letters in the alphabet, much less where they belong in a word or sentence. Some days just finding an intelligible group of words put together to form some meaning on almost any subject is impossible. This just chars my chaps:

"i wuz tlkg o me grl ystrdy n i sez hoo u tink s kalng wn da fone rngs n u r n da shwr wit sope n ur hr?"

Some celebrities seem to think it is how they should write their blogs or reply in chat or networks. They may think it makes them look "hip" or "web savvy" but in truth, it just looks stupid.

It's enough already. People - get a grip, get a clue, and get a dictionary. Look up the meaning of "illiterate" and “idiot". It is exactly what YOU look like when you write that ridiculous twaddle.

OK, having blurted that out and written it down, maybe moving on to business is next with today's endeavors. Rant over. Whew, feels good though, doesn't it? Yeah Buddy.
KS Copywriter
Ms. E.N. Brown
C.E.O. - BEK
Brown Enterprises
of Kansas, Derby, KS.
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Finding services where you can call to order, get service, a live person speaking every time you dial and get NO menus - would be worth what to you? Knowing the feeling of hearing multiple menus, voice mail only and long hold times, the option of picking up the phone when it rings has been our choice. When you call, a Buddy staff member will answer and maybe just say "Hello there."
What a nice change of pace.

Call Buddy Copywriting and talk to a real person.
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Have you seen it ?
Why do people do this?
A Necessary Rant.
--- E.N. Brown
Not always politically correct.
From In Kansas:
From the rest
of the USA:
There is about nothing as good as real life stories and testimonials. Letting the public know about your style and how customers feel about that style can be an intimidating factor when building your web site content. Make sure your words make sense.

Luckily Buddy can leap tall buildings in a single bound with style and grace. Don't believe that? It is possibly an exaggeration. But not much of one. Cut out the "grace" part and it is more accurate.

The rant article written at the top of this page is Buddy's style, up to a point. Not everything is a rant. In fact it is the only rant you will see unless you specify "rant article" regarding your subject matter.

When telling a story it is possible to draw the reader into the copy so they want, or rather need to proceed to the end, to see what happens to the principle characters. To find that perfect product or get the answer to a burning question.

Telling a story in article form, product review or web site content is Buddy's favorite and most requested venue. Does your "home" or "about" page need some tweaking, rearranging or a complete re-write? Consider "story telling" as an avenue of choice.

Buddy's sage advice for today.

Buddy Copywriting .com has been a labor of enjoyable time spent frivolously wiling away the hours of lazy days on the prairie in Kansas.

If you believe that, there is this bridge in Brooklyn you might be interested in purchasing... uh huh.

Whether you are looking for articles, snippets or just plain ol' horse sense advice, give us a holler across the meadow, or pick up the phone and call Buddy.

Buddy Copywriting is an offshoot business of Buddy Web Works but has gained its own place in the annals of web-dom. Without further ado, Welcome to the new, improved, updated, pretty and useful, Buddy Copywriting home.

If you like our style,
you will love our copy.

Yeah Buddy. It's good news.
The BEK "It's Good News" News
SEO Copywriting.
More than just
words on a page.
Need an SEO copywriter?
Buddy offers copywriting services to web site designers, web site developers, small to large business owners and marketing firms.

Buddy copywriting services are reasonable and in line with industry standards and pricing.

Not your usual approach, Buddy's SEO copywriting expertise shall help you climb to new heights in the web world. Uh, at least in Google and therefore in all the major search engines.

Keywords and key phrases are not all there is to SEO. You probably know that already by the results you are currently experiencing.

Give Buddy a shot, you'll be ecstatic with the ROI results.
SEO Services.
Get the real deal,
and not a raw deal.
Are you getting what you pay for?

Does the copy at your website bring customers to you and keep them there?

It is the question of the day, and possibly an entire generation of new web site developers.

Make sure your developer or designer can write a cohesive sentence that includes the keywords and key phrases YOU need.

YES, It is necessary.
Copywriting is not a game
for writers or clients.
Have you ever played Boggle? Well, in case you haven't, it is a word game where letters are scrambled and fall into slots. You make words out of the letters and are scored according to the number of letters in each word you make.

When we play, we cheat. The rules seem to be more laborious than they are worth to the game in general, so we make up our own rules. It is fun and works with Boggle.

Copywriting "Words,” whether long or short will not score you ROI if rules are not followed and lines are not drawn in the proper places.

It is NOT a game.
It IS words with relevance.
Buddy makes Google
gobble key words,
and LOVE them.
Buddy copy writing folks write copy for the internet, websites, flyers, fundraisers, letters for specific interest groups, articles and blah blah blah, blah blah. Let's make this a tad easier with a short list.
Here are the copywriting projects we most often tackle:
• Catalog Copy
• Web Page Flyers
• Web Site Articles
• SEO Copywriting
• Advertorials
• Product Descriptions
• Product Articles
• Product Reviews
• Web Site Copy
• Sales Flyers
• B2B Copy
• Business Letters
• Sales Letters
• Fundraising Letters
• Industry Specific
• Technical Manuals
• Software Instructions
Web Sites:
Marketing Campaigns:
If your project is not listed above, don't worry. Contact us with the type of copywriting work you need. We'll see if it's something we can handle and if not, maybe we can point you in the right direction. You won't be steered wrong. It's nice to be helpful. :)

Uh, smily's are emoticons and not considered gibberish by the staff.
(Plus, the boss said it was OK. She's not as cranky as she sounds.)
--- The Buddy Staff
and SEO Blog
Copywriting and SEO Blog
"Just 'cause it's writ down, don't make it so..."
BEK Profile
on the RYZE
"Just 'cause it's writ down, don't make it so..."
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